Your Whole Life Has Been Redeemed

If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior—-you are redeemed.

Our redemption brings the promise of eternal life at Jesus’ second coming.
It also means living differently during our present lives.

Think about ways you can show and tell others (family, friends, work associates) what your redemption means to you—-and, how it has changed your life.

In Matthew 4:18-20, Jesus comes upon Simon Peter and Andrew—-two fishermen. He challenges them to follow Him, and become fishers of men. They were untrained, but were willing to follow Jesus. How can we, regardless of our vocation, become fishers of men?

Jesus is coming again—-it could be soon. Therefore, our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28). Think of how you can make sharing the story of redemption your highest priority.

Erik says in the book, “It’s okay to enjoy food, family, friends, sports, cookouts, and serving the community.” These things are all meaningful. Consider how, as we’re doing these things, we can share the story of redemption.

This concludes this evening’s study—-there is no video this week. Remember to read Chapter 2 in your book. We still have two paperback copies left, or you can order the Kindle version on Amazon.

Thank you for joining. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

- Pastor John

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