Bold Allegiance


March 9, 2022

Acts 2:22-36
The author begins this chapter with a story of how her parents met and married in San Diego in 1969. Around here, we’re Cowboy and Rangers fans. Of course I have dual allegiance to the Patriots and Red Sox, also….but, the real question is about our allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter demonstrates his bold allegiance in Acts Chapter 2 with his witness and sermon in Acts2:22-36. If you had heard Peter on the Day of Pentecost, what what your reaction have been?
- If you were already a believer?
- If you still had doubts about who Jesus was?
What accusation did Peter make against the gathered crowd? In verses 24-28, why did Peter say that Jesus couldn’t be held by the power of death? Peter refers to the Psalms for the basis of this message. (See Psalms 16:8-11 as a basis for verses 25-28, and Psalms 110:1 as a basis for verses 34-35. Why would these references be important to the Israelites. What does Peter mean in verse 32 that he and the apostles are witnesses to the risen Jesus.
Though we don’t see Jesus in the flesh, how can we be a witness to the risen Lord? When Jesus was exalted to the right hand of the Father, what gift did he pass along to believers. How does the Holy Spirit help us daily?
Peter refers to Jesus as both Lord and Messiah in verse 36? What is the significance of the two titles? How does the exaltation of Jesus (Psalms 110:1 and Acts 2:34) and His position with the Father affect you today?
How does your allegiance to the risen Lord give you confidence and help bear witness to Him?
— Pastor John

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