Chrismon Service

We celebrated the beginning of Advent by decorating the Chrismon tree. Chrismon is a combination of the words Christ and monogram, and means "symbols of Christ." Chrismons are gold and white, representing majesty and purity.

Handmade or purchased Chrismons - many from years past - are placed on the tree by those who attend. Everyone - young to old - participates, but the little ones steal our hearts every time.

Fun with Perrin Advent Christian Church

The youth from Perrin invited us to an afternoon of bowling, pool, and other games. So Sunday, after church, we all met in Weatherford and had so much fun together!

Andrea Jones described it this way:

Our youth group may be small but we have a lot of fun together. We joined Perrin to go bowling. It was boys vs girls, the tension fierce. It was close, but the boys ended up winning. The food finally came and most of us devoured the chicken tenders in front of us. However, some people decided they needed to get more strikes than the others and kept bowling.

After our time was out in the alley we raced to the arcade. I got first place in a piano game while my best friend Raquel rode a virtual rollercoaster.

When we spent all of our money we played some pool. Like bowling, we were on teams of boys vs girls, Jaylynn and Jeremy competing with Raquel and I. The boys destroyed us two times so we gave up and played shuffleboard. Unlike pool, Raquel and I were good so we beat them 2 games out of 3.

As the day took its end, we went out to dinner and said our farewells.

The afternoon was a big success and we've decided to make a monthly event of getting the two youth groups together for fun and fellowship. Check out the fun photos below.

Would you like to join us next time?

We'd love to have you!