Is this 7th day Adventist?  What is Advent Christian?

  • Both Advent Christians and 7th Day Adventists trace their historical beginnings back to the Adventist Movement in the 1840’s.  William Miller and others began writing and preaching the biblical truth that Jesus Christ will literally return to earth. This blessed hope gives our lives purpose as we eagerly look for the day of His appearing.  
  • This foundational truth is widely accepted by most evangelical churches today, but was brought back to churches by Adventists. The word “advent” means coming. Jesus’ first advent was when he was born in Bethlehem. Jesus’ second advent has not yet happened, but remains our future hope.
  • There are several differences between Advent Christians and 7th Day Adventists.  The most obvious of these is that 7th Day Adventists worship on Saturday (Sabbath Day) and Advent Christians worship on Sunday (Resurrection Day).

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What time is Sunday Worship service:

11:00 am - come join us!

Do you have Sunday School classes?

Yes! Sunday School begins at 9:45 am with classes for all age groups. We'd love to see you.

I have to work on Sunday. Is there another service I can attend?

Yes! We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for Bible study and prayer meeting. Everyone is welcome.