Waiting for the Crown

2 Timothy 4 —

Paul is nearing the end of his life as a pastor and missionary. What does he say about his life and the future crown in verses 7-8?

Paul wants Timothy to continue his work and legacy. What are his instructions to Timothy verses 1-2?

Compare Paul’s charge in verse 2 to “rebuke, reproof, and exhort”. Compare this with what is said of scripture in verses 3:1–17.Verse 2 reads “preach the Word”—N. T. Wright says, “announce”.
How might they have announced the Word, since the New Testament was not yet written?

How else can we share Jesus today, other than quoting this story?

In dealing with unbelievers and new Christians, our teaching must be balanced. Look at reproof and rebuke—look at the balance with patient exhortation. We want to be positive—not always critical.

In verses 3-4, you’ll read that there is a time coming where people will not always heed sound doctrine. Are we living in such an age?

In verses 7-8, Paul reminds Timothy of his life as a role model. How can we be role models for new Christians and younger believers?

Think about the crown of righteousness in verse 8. Who receives it? On what basis?

My Bible calls verses 9-22 “Paul’s Personal Concerns”. What do you notice is important to Paul in these verses?

Besides friendship, what task is Paul emphasizing to Timothy and other readers? How does this task still apply to us?

Looking back on 1 and 2 Timothy, summarizes Paul’s concern for the ministry going forward. Consider how you can serve here and now.

-Pastor John Guess

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