Using Your Home to Make Disciples

This chapter is about using your home to make disciples. Now, during Covid 19, might not be the best time, but hopefully things will return to normality.

Erik mentions the book, “Saturate” by Jeff Vanderstelt. The author asserts that people are often drawn to the community of Jesus, before they are drawn to Jesus.

Look at Ephesians 4:1-2 and 5:1-2. Consider how Christian community in the believer’s walk can influence non-believer friends or family.

Look back over the chapter. As you do, be creative in thinking of life-on-life disciple making.

Think about life and community. How can dinner parties, birthday parties, or small groups become an avenue for disciple making?

Think of how mission projects: i.e. Operation Christmas Child, Care Packages for the Homeless, Food & Clothing for the Homeless, Select Home Services With Intentionality.

Walk in a manner worthy of your calling. Look for opportunities to share with others.

- Pastor John

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