The Test of Belief

Scripture Lesson:

  • 1 John 2:18-27
Who do most people in our world believe Jesus was?
Just as in 21st Century America there are many thoughts about Jesus, it was so in the First Century Roman Empire. Though Jesus had lived and died, was resurrected, and ascended to the Father only some twenty-thirty years earlier, there were many teachings about who Jesus was…and about what really happened.
In this setting, the apostle John is writing to the “little children”…he wants the “little children” to know and follow the truth. There were many anti-Christ…or, anti-Messiah…teaching untruths about Jesus.
According to verse 19, how do we recognize those who really aren’ t believers? How does verse 20 indicate how we really know the truth about Jesus?
How do we distinguish between who is truthful and who is an anti-Christ telling lies? (See verses 22-23.)
Besides the anointing of the Holy Spirit, how does verse 24 say we have the truth, and stay grounded in the truth?
What relation does the behavior of true believers have to our knowledge of Jesus?
What is the promise to believers who know the truth about Jesus, and practice what he taught? (See verse 25.)
Verses 24-27 identify two safeguards…being anointed by the spirit and abiding in Jesus. How have these kept you grounded in the Christian faith?
Just as there was in John’s time, our world is filled with different philosophies and teachings. If you were to share with friends, coworkers, etc…how does this passage help you explain the difference between Christianity and other teachings/religions?
John was fighting against the whole idea of people who were saying that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God. This is still what separates Christianity from the teachings of many other religions…that Jesus IS who He said He was.
Once again, thank you for joining in his study.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.
— Pastor John

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