The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles

Acts 10 & 11 show how Jewish people learned that the Gentiles weren’t “unclean”. Through Cornelius and Peter’s vision, the two groups were brought together. Peter’s Jewish friends learned that God isn’t partial — there is equality at the foot of the cross. All who accept Jesus as their Savior are repentant and receive the gift of eternal life.


In Acts 10:2-6, what do we find out about Cornelius? What was he instructed to do?

In verses 13-14, how does the voice from heaven respond to Peter’s claim that he’s never eaten anything unclean?

Think of how Peter makes the connection between the Gentile visitors and his vision. (See Acts 10:19-20; 28-29.)

In verses 25-28, how does Cornelius greet Peter? How does Peter correct Cornelius’ misunderstanding?

Why would Peter’s visit be considered law-breaking by the Jews?
(Acts 10:25-28.)

What was the reaction and accusation of the Jewish believers when Peter returned to Jerusalem? (Acts 11:3)

In verses 15-17, Peter corrects the Jewish brethren’s thinking. How did Peter explain what happened in Cornelius’ house to all who were present?


In Acts 10:12-15, how did Peter’s vision challenge his Jewish beliefs about clean and unclean things?

In Acts 10:34-35, what does Peter mean when he said that God shows no partiality?

In Acts 11:18, how do Peter’s accusers react when Peter explains all that occurred during his visit to Cornelius’ house?


In 21st Century America, the church doesn’t deal with like issues between Jews and Gentiles. However, there are many issues which still cause division within the church. Think about these — how they can harm the witness of the church. Consider how we can correct these divisions.

What boundaries has God caused you to cross in order to share the Gospel?

“When we come to believe in the Christ of the cross...our concern, our love, and our service must be willing to reach outward to humankind as we level with one another without the thought of status in life or race.”
— David Jeremiah


Thank you for joining in this week’s study. We’ll cover chapters 12-14 of Acts next week.

— Pastor John Guess

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