The Benedictus of Zacharius

Scripture Lesson:

  • Luke 1:68-79

The Benedictus is a song of praise from Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. When John was eight days old, his parents took him for circumcision, and to name him. It was proposed to name him Zacharias, after his father, but both parents were adamant that his name should be John. This was pronounced by the angel to Zacharias in Luke 1:13.

As soon as the parents proclaimed his name to be John, Zacharias was given his speech back. He began to bless God. Zacharias knew that the birth of his son would initiate events leading to the salvation of God’s people.

Salvation is a word used through “The Benedictus”. (See verse 69 - The Horn of Salvation; Verse 71 - Salvation from Our Enemies; Verse 77 - Knowledge of Salvation.) All of this would be achieved through the birth of Jesus Christ.

The central theme of “The Benedictus” is the salvation of God’s people brought through The Messiah, in order to fulfill Old Testament promises.

What is meant by The Horn of Salvation through the House of David?

The redemption mentioned in verse 68 isn’t Israel being redeemed from Roman control. What is God’s redemption of mankind through Jesus really all about?

What does it mean that The Horn of Salvation would be raised through the royal line of David?

In verses 70-73, Zacharias quotes the Old Testament prophets.

If not earthly enemies, in verses 73-74, what does God’s redemption and salvation deliver us from?

Verses 76-79 refer to what Zacharias’ son, John the Baptist, will say. What does our knowledge of salvation do for us? (See verse 77.)

How would The Messiah deal with the darkness in our hearts? (See verses 78-79.)

John not only prophesies, but is the forerunner of Jesus to prepare he way of the Lord.

— Pastor John

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