Respond Like a Bone-Dry Babe

Bible Study

“The serene, silent beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world, next to the might of the Spirit of God.” - Blaise Pascal

Get Ready

Peter begins in 1 Peter 1:13 with, “Prepare your minds for action.”. Peter begins here, because how we think determines how feel, and ultimately, how we behave. Look at 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16 to find the difference between spiritual wisdom and worldly wisdom.

Look at Philippians 4:8. What helps us dwell, or abide, in the things of Christ?

Sober Up

Excessive alcohol can harm our ability to think and reason, and to lose our inhibitions. Think about why Peter says to keep sober, and what being of sober mind means to the believer.

Be Holy

Pascal’s quote is very powerful. What does 1 Peter 1:15 say about being holy? In what sense is this possible? Why do we so often fail? This is known as the process of sanctification. It takes a lifetime, and we won’t be complete until Christ comes again. However, we should never give up on the process.

Love One Another

According to verse 22, how are we to love one another? According to 1 Peter 1:23-25, how is love connected to God’s Word? In these verses, what does Peter say about the Word? What is said about the Word in Isaiah 40:6-8? Look at the five sins that caused discord in 1 Peter 2:1. Define what these mean to you. Think about how we can avoid each of them.

Satisfy Your Craving

Think about your favorite food...something you might crave. What are your feelings when you are longing for that food? In 1 Peter 2:2-3, Peter relates this to babies craving milk. Hence, the title of this lesson...”Respond Like a Bone-Dry Babe”. Do you crave the Word of God? How does desiring the Word of God help in our love for one another and grow in our relationship to God? Verse 3 suggests once we’ve tasted the kindness of God, we won’t want to go back. How has this been true in your life?

- Rev. John D. Guess, Pastor

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