Rekindle the Gift

In 2Timothy 1:6, Paul encourages Timothy to rekindle afresh the gift of God. (Scripture passage for this lesson is in comments section.)

N. T. Wright begins the lesson with the story of his father rekindling a fire in a fireplace. If you’ve ever restarted a fire in a wood stove or fireplace, think about how you may have gently blown on the embers to restart the fire. Wright uses this story to illustrate what Paul is instructing Timothy to do spiritually.

Spend some time thinking about the benefits and dangers of fire. Then, consider what Paul’s instructions about kindling afresh God’s gifts in the church might look like.

Looking at verses 1-7, what benefits did Timothy have in growing up in the faith? Also, in verse 7, what has God given Timothy through the Holy Spirit? Think about how God has equipped you to serve Him and His church.

Paul begins verse 8 by telling Timothy not to be ashamed. Paul was in prison, and in chains, for preaching the Gospel, which went against the power of Caesar and the Roman Empire. Understand there should be no shame in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Look at verses 11 and 12 to see why there should never be fear or shame in proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

PRAYER: Pray that the Holy Spirit would rekindle the gifts God has given you, and that He will also rekindle the ministry of our church. Amen.


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