Persevering for Christ


Paul continued to persevere for Christ, even to the point of risking his life. We are blessed in this country not to suffer, or fear for our lives, because of our faith. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done in service for the Lord?


The disciples at Tyre warned Paul about going to Jerusalem. Why were they so concerned? How did Paul respond to their fear in Acts 21:3-5?
What was the prophecy of Agabus in verses 10-13? How did Paul respond to this warning?

James and the other elders of the Jerusalem church advised Paul to go through purification rites before going to the temple. Even so, there was still trouble. In verses 27-29, how did the Jews from Asia make trouble? What did they accuse Paul of doing? In verses 30-36, how was Agabus’ prophecy fulfilled?

In chapter 22, Paul testified and defended himself before the Jewish Council. What story did he tell to explain his transformation from Jewish Zealot to an apostle for Christ Jesus? (See Acts Chapter 9 to see how Paul’s defense mirrors his Damascus Road experience.)

In Acts 23:11, what is the message the Lord gives to Paul? Describe the plot of Paul’s enemies in Acts 23:12-15. How did Paul’s nephew foil their plot? (Verses 16-23).

After the commander received the information from Paul’s nephew, what arrangements were made to transport Paul to Caesarea? (Acts 23:23-24)
Why was it important for the commander to have Paul escorted safely to the Roman Governor Felix? (Acts 23:26-30)


As previously mentioned, in America, we need not fear persecution or death for our faith. However, think about difficulties you might face due to your faith. Consider what steps you might take to be a bolder witness.


Thank you for joining in the study this week. We’ll be looking at the trials of Paul in Acts 24-26 next week.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

— Pastor John

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