Pay Attention to Yourself and Your Teaching

1st & 2nd Timothy & Titus

Read 1 Timothy 4:1-16. (Scripture in comments.).  How does Paul describe what will happen in the last times?

According to verses 4 and 5, why does Paul say that everything God created is good, and should be received with thanksgiving?

In verse 8, Paul contrasts physical discipline with godliness. What is different?

According to verse 10, what is the purpose and outcome of training in godliness?

In verses 11-16, Paul gives Timothy various instructions. Which would be easy for you, and which more difficult? In verse 16, why is it important to pay close attention to ourselves?

“All these commands sound threatening, but once you see what they are saying, they are in fact liberating. Go ahead, embrace and enjoy the true freedom of serving God and His people.” - N. T. Wright

Pastor John

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