Out of Debt

Scripture Lesson:

  • Matthew 18:21-35
Our first four lessons dealt with how God forgives us. Today, we begin a section on how we forgive others.
“When someone sins against us, that person is in our debt. They owe us something…an apology, compensation, restoration of what was lost. Jesus uses the theme of debtors to teach a powerful lesson about forgiveness.” — Douglas Connelly
Religious leaders of the day taught that forgiving three times was the limit. Why did Peter ask his question and say, “Up to seven times?” What does Jesus’ response in verse 22 tell us about God’s Kingdom forgiveness?
Why is it so difficult for us to forgive the same offense more than three or four times? What lesson is Jesus teaching the disciples, and us, by His answer? What insight do we receive from the story of the king and two servants? (Verses 23-29)
The lesson here is not just about how we forgive others. What understanding do we get about our debt to God? According to verses 31-34, what happens when we fail to forgive others? According to verse 35, does God only forgive us as we learn to forgive others? How does God’s forgiveness through Jesus’ death on the cross help to us understand our need to forgive others?
Think of someone you need to release from their debts. Consider how to show mercy and forgiveness to that person.
Thanks for joining in this study. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
— Pastor John

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