Nunc Dimittis



“Nunc Dimittis” - Simeon and Anna’s Story

Scripture Lesson: Luke 2:25-38

Luke 2:25-38 tells the story of two elderly saints who served at the temple in Jerusalem. Simeon and Anna are only mentioned in scripture in this passage as they greet Mary, Joseph, and the Christ child.

What similarities do we see between Simeon in verse 34 and Anna in verse 38? What does this passage tell us that both of these old saints were looking for? According to verse 26, how did Simeon know this was the promised Messiah?

Verses 28-32 is a song of praise from Simeon. It is known as “Nunc Dimittis”, which means “Now Dismissed”.

How does verse 26 give understanding as to what Simeon was waiting for?

In his song (verses 28-32), what three blessings does Simeon say the Lord God has brought through the Christ child?

John Stott says, “Previously, God has given Israel the patriarchs, the covenants of promise, the law, and the prophets. Now, the crowning glory He gave them is His only begotten Son.” How is Jesus, born of a peasant girl, the salvation and glory of God’s people, Israel?

What does it mean that the Messiah will be a light of revelation to the Gentiles?

Simeon was now ready to depart, or die, as God had honored His promise to Simeon.

Verses 36-38 tell us of Anna’s background. She was of the tribe of Asher, had been widowed for many years, and was still serving in the temple at age 84. According to verse 38, what did Anna realize about this child as she greeted Mary and Joseph.

Stott says, “Jesus is the light of the world. We cannot, therefore, keep Him to ourselves.” We are committed to spread the gospel. It is the work of every Christian to tell the good news and show them Jesus.

— Pastor John

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