Love Comes From God

Scripture Lesson:

  • 1 John 4:7-5:5

Stott opens this lesson by referring to 1 John 3:23. In this verse, John summarized God’s commands in terms of believing in Christ and loving one another. Stott asks this question. “Think of difficult people you’ve learned to love…even if it took a long time. What motivated you to change your attitude and come to love these people?”

First John 4:17-18 lists several reasons, or motivations, for love.
What are these?

From verse 9, what evidence do we have of God’s love for us? In verses 9-11, what is the process of coming to love others?

Verses 15-17 explains our confidence in the day of judgement. How is that confidence manifest?

In verse 18, how does God’s perfect love take away our fears? Why does John keep reminding believers of the importance of loving one another?

In verses 20-21, what does John say hatred of other believers reveals about us?

First John 5:2-3 reveals that our love for God is more than just emotions or religious feelings. How do these verses say our love for God is demonstrated? Verse 3 says that God’s laws are not burdensome. According to verses 4-5, how are we able to keep God’s laws?

Where do you struggle with loving other believers? How does an awareness of God’s love for you enable you to change?

Think of someone who has most fully demonstrated the love of God to you. Consider how to emulate their behavior, so that you might more fully demonstrate God’s love to others.


We’ll continue this study the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Thank you for studying along with us. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

— Pastor John

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