Healing and Restoration

Wednesday Bible Study

Scripture Lesson — Mark 5:21-43

This lesson deals with two people who were very discouraged, and who seemingly had nowhere to turn. They had done everything humanly possible, and had now turned to Jesus. Why is it that we wait, and sometimes only turn to Jesus as a last resort? Think of a time when you were overwhelmed by problems or circumstances. Did you eventually go to the Lord like the people in this story?
Jesus had crossed back over the sea…back into Judea. A large crowd greeted him at the seashore. By now, Jesus was recognized as a great healer. What was Jarius’ great need? In asking Jesus to lay hands on his daughter (verse 23), what risk was Jarius taking as a synagogue official?
On the way to help Jarius, the crowd pressed in on Jesus. What do we find out about the woman in verses 25-26?
What did the woman think only touching Jesus’ garment would accomplish?
In verse 30, Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” Was he upset…or did he want to know for another reason? How did Jesus address the woman in verse 34?
In verse 35, the story of Jarius resumes. What news was given to Jarius and Jesus? Upon receiving this news, how might Jarius have felt personally, and towards Jesus?
How does Jesus deal with the situation (verse 36). What did Jesus announce in verse 39?
Imagine yourself there that day. What might had it been like seeing the woman healed, and Jarius’ daughter come back to life?
Do we still believe and understand the power that Jesus has to deal with death and diseases today?
In both stories, desperate people reach out to Jesus…daring to trust Him as their last hope. As a result of their faith, we catch a glimpse of resurrection wholeness, as Jesus brings healing and resurrection right here in the midst of our world.
Where do you see this power here and now? What do you realize about Jesus’ second coming, and the world made new?
See other examples of Jesus’ power in Mark 1:29-31; Mark 1:40-42; Mark 3:1-6; Mark 8:22-26.
Give thanks to God for healing and restoration. Offer prayers for specific needs in your life and for those around you, that God will demonstrate the power of the resurrection in our world today.
— Pastor John

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