God’s Revealed Plan

Titus 1 - Week 11

Throughout Titus, and Paul’s other letters, Paul attempts to persuade his fellow Jews that Jesus is the Messiah they’ve long awaited, and God has revealed His plan for the present age. What is the significance as to how Paul describes Titus as his child? Now, think of someone who has been your spiritual mother or father. Also, think of others to whom you have been a spiritual parent.

Look at the qualities for elders and spiritual leaders in verses 6-9.
N. T. Wright asks...how seriously does the church of today take these qualities in choosing leaders?

In verses 10-16, Paul addresses the faults of the Cretans. Paul instructs Titus not to compromise the truth for such people. In our world today, many want the church to compromise truth for relativism. Think about how we can be absolute in our teaching of truth, and yet be understanding with people who see things in a different way.

Pray that God has revealed His plan to us. Thank Him for the way His plan has included you.

- Pastor John

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