Godliness and Contentment

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, even one limited by Covid, it is fitting that we look at Paul’s instructions to Timothy found in 1 Timothy 6:6-21.

We should be thankful and content, seeing as how blessed we are in our bountiful country.

Paul’s instruction is to be content and godly, and not to strive for more than we need.

How does Paul describe contentment in verses 6-8?In verses 9 & 10, what warning does Paul give about lack of contentment?
How does he describe the “love” of money in verse 10?

How does Paul describe what should be the believer’s desires and goals about earthly possessions? How would your life change if you lived more like Paul’s instructions in verses 11-16?

If you’ve been blessed with material wealth, what are Paul’s instructions in verses 17-19?

Not only should believers be thankful and content, what final instructions does Paul give Timothy in verses 20-21?

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see you Sunday for the First Sunday in Advent.

— Pastor John

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