Broken Bread – Open Eyes


February 16, 2022


  • Luke 24:13-35
Our author suggests that we recall a memorable meal we’ve shared with friends and family…and remember the excitement.
She also suggests that toward the end of our lesson, we go back to Genesis 3 and compare the meal Adam and Eve shared. Some scholars suggest that Luke 24:30-31 is intended as a reversal of what happened in Genesis 3:6-8.
In Genesis 3, their eyes were opened to the sin they had committed. In Luke 24, their eyes are opened to the Lord and the eternal life He brings.
Try and imagine the emotions the two travelers had in verses 13-15.
How did they initially respond to the risen Lord in verses 15-18?
Why didn’t the travelers recognize, or understand, His true identity? What keeps us from recognizing Jesus in our walk through life?
Verse 27 says that Jesus began teaching them again, with Moses and the prophets. Why was it necessary for Jesus to make this connection in teaching them about the happenings of the last three days? How does studying the scripture help us understand the importance of Jesus in our daily lives?
In verses 30-31, what did Jesus do when he reclined at their table? Why were their eyes opened for them to recognize Jesus at this time?
How does Jesus make himself known to us at common meals with other Christians, and in the sharing of The Lord’s Supper?
Verse 32 says their hearts burned while they were with Him…while He was sharing scripture with them. Why is this significant? What did the two men do when they returned to Jerusalem (see verse 35). How should that be an example to us?
By word and deed, how may we help others recognize the presence of the risen Lord?
— Pastor John

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