Acts: The Day of Pentecost


There are several important events in the first two chapters of Acts. The disciples are told they will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes. Christ ascends back to the Father, and the disciples are told that Jesus will come back in the same manner - i.e. the second coming. Finally, in Acts Chapter 2, the Day of Pentecost - the birth of the church - arrives. Before all of this, in Acts 1:4, Jesus tells the disciples to wait. They returned to Jerusalem, waited in the upper room, and prayed.

Why is waiting for God to act so hard for us?

Acts 1:8 instructs the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them. Why was this so necessary? Why do we need the Spirit’s power in our lives?

What signs accompanied the arrival of the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:1-4)

What reactions do we see from the surrounding crowd concerning the arrival of the Holy Spirit?

Considering that this all happened immediately before Peter’s sermon, what would be the obvious reason for all people groups hearing in their own language?

Peter had been fearful, and even denied Christ three times when Jesus was arrested...and prior to the crucifixion. As Peter preached at Pentecost, what was Peter’s new attitude and outlook? What was responsible for this drastic change?

Review Acts 2:21-24. What does Peter say about the death and resurrection of Jesus? What does verse 21 say about those who call on the name of the Lord?

In verses 37-39, what does scripture say happened to those who heard? What instructions and promise did Peter give in verses 38-39?

How does Luke describe the birth of the church in verses 41-47?


What was the angel’s message to those who saw Jesus ascend to heaven? (Acts 1:9-11)

In Acts 2:5-7, what do the believers do that amazed and confused the crowd?

In verses 23-24, what does Peter say was done to the Messiah?

Think about the fact that this was done by men, but scripture also says it was God’s predetermined plan.


Consider the fact that Jesus told the disciples they would be witnesses all over the world, but told them to wait on the Spirit. They waited and prayed in the upper room. The results were that a great many accepted Jesus. What lessons can we learn from this story?


“God wants to work in our lives - to give us power and authority to boldly proclaim the message of the Gospel. But, we need to be willing for Him to work through us and use us as instruments of His grace. We must say - Lord fill me and control me with your Spirit.” (Dr. David Jeremiah)


Read Acts 3 & 4 in preparation for next week’s lesson.
Thank you for joining in this study.

- Pastor John

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