A Mission With Promise


February 23, 2022

Scripture Lesson:

  • Matthew 28:1-10; 16-20
This lesson describes the two Marys going to Christ’s grave, only to find Him gone…risen from the dead. Then, the conclusion is Jesus giving the disciples “The Great Commission”. Our author asks us to remember a time that a friend, or mentor, came alongside to help with a project at work…or, to do ministry in the church. Think of someone who has done that for you, as Jesus came alongside the disciples as He gives them a mission.
The story begins with Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joseph, going to the tomb on Sunday morning. The Marys were the first two to learn the incredible news of Jesus’ resurrection. In verses 1-6 of Matthew 28, the women find many changes in the circumstances of what has recently happened.
What happens when they arrive at the tomb? What does the angel invite the women to do? (Verse 6) What message and instruction does the angel give the women? (Verse 7)
Why was it important for Jesus to go ahead of them to Galilee? How does Jesus go ahead of us as believers, as He gives us a mission?
In verses 8-9, how do we see the women demonstrate they believe the angel’s message?
Matthew doesn’t actually record what the women did. How do we know from verse 16 that they followed the angel’s instructions? The women followed instructions and fulfilled their mission. In what ways do we sometimes hesitate to respond to the risen Lord? (To fulfill The Great Commission.)
What threefold mission does Jesus give His disciples? (Verses19-20)
How are we called to be a part of this mission today?
What promises does Jesus make to the disciples, and to us? Think about the assurance these promises make as you take your place in Christ’s mission. (Verses18-20)
Give thanks and celebrate the Lord’s promise to be with us until the end of the age.
— Pastor John

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