A Love Stronger Than Death


Scripture Lesson:

  • John 11:17-44
Our author begins by suggesting that we think of how human love has brought both joy and pain into our lives.
Go back and read the first 16 verses of John 11. Notice the setting and backstory from the early part of the chapter. Especially see the significance of verses 4, 11, and 15.
When Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Many had gathered to console the sisters. How would you have consoled them if you had been there? What was Martha’s reaction when Jesus arrived. (See verses 21-22.)
What was Jesus’ assurance in verse 23? What was Martha’s understanding found in verse 24? What further assurance does Jesus give Martha in verses 25-26?
How does Jesus’ answer in this new perspective affect Martha’s view of death?
How does Jesus’ response, and our knowledge of Jesus’ resurrection, affect our lives as we wait for Jesus to come again?
Mary then got up to go meet Jesus. How was her reaction to Jesus similar, yet different, than Martha’s? In verses 33-35…and 38, how do we see Jesus’ human emotions? How do we see His great love for Lazarus and the sisters.
John 1:18 tells us that Jesus made known the Father to us. How does Jesus’ reaction to Lazarus’ death show us the Father’s great love? How does this help us to understand, and more intimately, identify with the Father?
Jesus offered hope and consolation as many others did, but much more…Jesus promised life in verse 25. How does verse 39 show us that Martha still didn’t understand?
Back in verse 4, Jesus said, “Lazarus’ illness is for the glory of God.” Jesus remakes that point in verse 40.
Are there times in our lives, even in light of Jesus’ resurrection, that we fail to understand and embrace God’s promises?
This story invites us to trust in God’s love for us, as well as demonstrates Jesus’ love for Lazarus. Take note of the power of God’s love…a love much stronger than death. Continue to trust in the hope of the resurrection and share that message with others!
— Pastor John

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